There are times where you can be mentally stretched to what may seem like unimaginable lengths, or perhaps you may not have a clear direction or handle on of the path you want to take. You find your self stuck in a state of dysfunctional progression with the misconception of saying to yourself if “I’ll keep on doing the same thing until I am able to find a way or answer to the dilemma I am facing.” At the same time you are being torn in every direction and the confusion seems as if will not stop. You may even ask why you cannot find an answer to the ever elusive question, “how”.

Sometimes if you take twenty minutes to an hour and be still to meditate or deeply reflect on your situation you can find solace in the answers that gives comfort, resilience, strength, and clarity to move forward in the ocean of uncertainty. We sometimes have to put on the breaks and stop!!! Reflect, detect, and dissect what is the root cause of confusion or uncertainty. Without knowing where you are now will be detrimental to where you end up later.

Reflection allows us to assess what has happen and take stock, and re-position ourselves to be more effective. It also allows us to learn from past mistakes and successes which will enable our futures to benefit from the good and avoid the mishaps of the past. Detection is to realize you may have veered off course a little and need some readjustment. In life we tend to get off course and sometimes if we are not careful will end up in places we might regret being. It is also the beginning stages of taking full responsibility for our actions and not blame others for our decisions up to the point of detection. Detection affords us the opportunity to take action and get ready for change.

To dissect allows us to examine and evaluate how mistakes came about or what enabled you to produced successful results. You will deconstruct critical elements as you delve into the mass details by expanding microscopic units of action taken. For instance; this could be the five minutes you spent on the phone wasting time, or the T.V show you could not miss, or hanging out with the boys or girls. I’m sure you get the picture. I want to forewarn you; this is a critical process and step that should not be taken lightly. To dissect is an integral part to gaining clarity and clarity will give a renew sense of focus to your journey and eliminate the confusion. The process of dissecting will help you formulate further truths about yourself that otherwise may have been undetected had you not gone the process of dissecting.

So is resilience something that we can produce at any time? Or is it something that will occur when the odds are stacked against us and it’s almost if there is no other way out of a situation but to go right through the treacherous storms of life to come out on the other side in one piece with all our faculty in tack?
What’s your take? Do you remember a time you have shown great resilience?

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