The Power Of Positive Thinking

When embarking on any new task, whether it’s school, work, business, sports, or anything new that you are stretching to achieve.   Positive thinking will help you get further than you can imagine. Think about for a minute, you can ask a baseball player how many times you intend to hit the ball and he will say every time. I have learn over the years when we raise our expectation of the desired result we anticipate we will come closer to our desire results. However, for this to work we have to set the bar high enough so that we can stretch, grow, and learn through the process.

I remember when I applied for a helpdesk job, although I knew my way around a computer and networks, I still had to be trained.   If you applied for a job at Burger King you will still have to be trained. Yet, I see so many people enter the industry of network marketing with the misconception they don’t have to learn any new skills. In network marketing you have to be motivated to learn a great deal of skills along the way. The best part of this industry is you can earn while you learn.

Positive thinking will allow you to create the mental ability to unlock characteristics in you that other -wise would lie dormant. You will discover new ways of doing things; you will attract a different type of people who will want to be around you. Most important you will start to become more positive, more self-assured and more confident.

What will this do for your new business? The power of positive thinking well help create growth, it will create enthusiasm and excitement. This will ultimately become contagious for other people who want that excitement, who want the extra income, who want the change of lifestyle and guess what? It’ happens all because you chose to think positive. That’s right my friends, it’s a choice! You chose to be positive or negative.   If you chose to be positive good things happen and if you chose to be negative it can become lethal in so many ways it literally can destroy you and no one will want to be around you.

I believe in you, I believe you can create the outcome you chose to have because after all, it a choice! Think positive and become contagious spreading joy and the ability to help

others change their lives.


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