The Power In Believing

If you decided to change your life for the better, what triggered the idea to change?  Was it because your favorite jeans became too tight and it’s time to lose some weight?   Perhaps you are tire of living pay check to pay check and want to supplement your income. Whatever the reason for your decision to change, one thing is for sure. You believe there is a better way.

Believe. It’s such a simple word we have learn at such a young age but has a powerful substance in meaning. When we take it upon ourselves to believe in something we can move mountains metaphorically speaking. There is something that happens when we start to believe in something. It’s like the cosmos, the atmosphere, start to align up and our abilities and resources start to grow toward the thing we believe in. It’s AMAZING right? It’s like you are going to buy a new car and one of the reasons you like this car besides the great mileage, its safety record is, it’s different and as soon as you drive it off the lot you start seeing many others driving the same vehicle you thought at first not many people had.

How strange it seems when this happens; but it’s not strange at all, it’s normal. You were not in the realm of that new car until you bought it. Once you bought the car, you started to learn more about it. The great things it does and some of the pitfalls for having such a car. The same goes when you decide to change your life.

You find out all the new great thing you can do and you begin to discover there is no limit to what you can achieve accept the limit you place on yourself. However, just like the new car you purchase there are some pitfalls that come with changing your life as well.   Sometimes on the road to change or to become a better person and grow more productive in society. We may sometimes have to take this road alone. Now, for all of you who have supportive family and friends to help you stretch and grow through the process that’s great. But there are some people who don’t. Some people relationship become toxic and regrettably need to be severed so change can take place. Just like the caterpillar cannot fly until it goes through the transformation of the cocoon and become a butterfly.

You must sever all relations that will hold you back from soaring with the eagles of change in that big vast sky of opportunity. Once you do, you will discover talents you never thought you had and may would have never witness had you continued on the road complacency. But now, you are on the road to creating a new bright future for yourself learning will be key to making your change happen. Why is that? Let’s go back to losing weight. In order to lose weight and keep the fat off long term it not a diet you want to look at because diets are like fads, they come and go with no longevity. In order to lose weight effectively and maintain the weight off for good is to change your lifestyle. You will have stopped eating the way you have that produced the over-weight and start adapting to a healthier lifestyle that will create a healthier you for the rest of your life.

Believing you can create the change is half the battle, becoming educated on maintaining change another part of the battle and being consisted is the secret to the change you believe in. As I said before you can do it alone but it will supersede your progress you have the support of family and friends or find the company of new support group that are traveling along the same avenue of change you are. For instance; if you want to lose weight find others who are achieving the weight loss goals and enjoying the process. You want to become more spiritual go to church more or read the bible more or find support groups. If you want to supplement your income find others who are doing what you want to do successful.   See, there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel. However, there’s nothing wrong with improving the design to become better.

Believing in yourself is a critical component to gaining ground in transforming your life. The possibilities of what you are able to achieve are endless. You just have to believe you can move beyond your current status. As a man or women thinketh so is he. This similar text was written many years ago and holds true today. If you think you can’t guess what? You can’t. On the same coin, if you think you can, you can.   I know you can, but me knowing is not good enough. You have to know in your heart of hearts unequivocally beyond a shadow of a doubt you can achieve what you put your heart and mind to achieving. Shoot for the stars and beyond and find greatness and success you deserve.

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