On Fire

Have you ever witnessed something on fire?  How about when a fire got out of control and consumed with contagious rage?  It’s intense right?  It’s the same way with success, it’s contagious and when you have the bug it’s contagious.  You are consumed with the excitement, with the rush of momentum to help others, and why is it contagious?  Simply because you want others to feel what you feel, you want others to be able to unlock the excitement, the joy the passion they could have in their lives.

Opportunity is funny, some people look upon it as if it were an event they missed or it’s something that can’t happen to them.  What’s even worst many people carry with them the sad illusion it can only happen to the educated, the gifted, the out-going, the go-getters, the excited, and the people other than themselves.  What’s amazing is, ordinary people like ourselves will dip our feet in the waters of opportunitytoe-in-water3 to see how cold the water is only to find we can be ok in the temperatures of learning something that goes against our entire psyche, against our current laws of understanding because after all, we were raise a certain way to understand, to believe, and whenever something comes along to challenge all that have molded us up to this point can be a little daunting to say the lease.

Something spectacular happens when the ordinary person ventures out in the vast field of opportunity of network marketing.  They discover the meaning of being of being on fire.  When the light bulb goes off inside of their head, when all the tumblers of the lock align in place, they realize the vail that has been placed on them all their lives have finally lifted and they can see without boundaries.  I once heard someone say ignorance on fire.  I personally don’t believe in the term because you don’t want to be ignorant when you are on fire.  You want to be contagious, informative, sincere, helpful insightful and passionate to help others, not ignorant.   Although, this industry is forgiving and allows all to learn as you go.  So, guess what?  It’s ok to makes mistakes because it’s part of learning.

girl on fire

Being in network marketing is a field of learning for the rest of your life.  It’s breath taking, it’s exciting, it’s passion, it’s love, it’s all the things you can imagine that is wonderful and if embraced one-hundred percent you will discover you can do more with your life than you can possibly imagine.


Be on fire and inspire.

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