The Dream

What is it you want out of life, happiness, security, stability, family, friendship, financial stability, more spirituality?  What are you doing to obtain all that you want.  There is a difference between what you want, desire, aspire to; which is motivation and action.

You have to make a decision to go after what you want.  I know life gets in the way but there are small things if done consecutively and consistently will compound into the desired results you are looking for.

Dare to dream big, go after that vision you once held in your imagination.  You have to believe and know it’s doable.  It’s possible!  If you say this to yourself over and over and put action behind it you will reap some wonderful results.

When I first started in network marketing I never thought for a moment my family would follow me and be involve.  I didn’t even bother asking them.  What happened was incredible.  My family saw that I was excited all the time, happy, and always on the go like never before.  They saw me interacting with more people, forging new friendships and all of a sudden I started to have more money, more things, new clothes and the kicker was I no longer had time to sit around and do, well, practically nothing productive.

Until my son asked  “where you going tonight? I notice you been going out lately.”  I informed him I had a meeting to go to and he is free to join me if he want and do something different for change and he agreed.    When we arrive at the meeting place and I started mingling with all the people.  My son was greeted and started to mingle as well. On the way home my son said “that was a lot of fun, when is the next meeting?”  I turned and laughed and then something amazing happened.  My son asked “how can I do this business?”10001082_1375322322743071_1729356445_o

When we got home that night I pointed my son to my website and he joined of his own free will. What was so amazing was, one hour after my son joined he recruited three of his friends.  They are all still making money in this business today.  That is the power of network marketing.  It gives us average individuals an opportunity to create extraordinary lifestyles by helping one another.  I the name of my blog says; I love my home business.

Go somewhere that will allow you to think of the possibilities and think “WHAT IF”

What could you do with an extra $1000.00, or $3,000.00 a month?


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