The Beginning

I remember the first day I started my home business.  I was so excited I didn’t know where to begin to tell the world how awesome it was to be able to save money and help other not only save but to create change in other lives that became so contagious its what I live for now.

What is truly extraordinary is to see the many lives that are changed and the rich friendships that are forged because of the this wonderful way of working from home.  77538_1375321369409833_374744083_o

My story was simple, I was a hard working man with a full time job at night and a paint contract business in the day.  I had my hands full and wasn’t looking to take on any new ideas and certainly wasn’t interested in starting any new business ventures.

My days were hectic to say the lease.  With three kids left at home and about to finish high school, I knew I had to continue working hard to make sure I can secure a future for all of us.

One day I was in a client’s home and once I was done painting the home owner invited me to have a bottle water and relax for a few minutes before I was to take the long journey home.

We got to talking and they were telling about a company that was helping people retire in four to five years.  In the past I have heard so many things and also have been involved in network marketing many years ago and since have opted out of the industry.

I was not the bit intrigued and thanked her for her time and hospitality and went home that night.  Fast forward two years latter, my sister said hey you have a moment?  I said sure.

My said requested that I take a look at a video and call her when I was done watching it.  She informed me the video was only twelve minutes and it really was important to her that I watch it.

Well, that was my ah ha moment and all the wheels started to turn with a driven purpose then never before.  Then it struct me; This is the what my client was trying to explain to me and I would not listen.  What I watched was really incredible and I knew would be a game changer for everyone.

Looking at that video was the best business decision I have ever made in my life, for it forever changed my life.  If you have someone who loves you enough to think of you and ask you to view video, hear a tape, get on a three way call, for only a few minutes please take the time and view it for it my be the answer you need.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Wow! Your blog is full of real-life inspirations. Am finding myself wanting to know more on how making a dream to work full time at home into a reality. Looking forward to finding out more in your next up-coming blogs. Nothing is impossible when you got the right set of wheels to drive you to your destination.

    Owh yes! Please do visit me toos at

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