From Lost to a Purposed Fill Life


Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose for being here?  Why am I here?  Or perhaps, you may have at one time felt there has to be more to life than this.  You may have even said to yourself at one time or another, you were meant to do more, be more, or even live more abundantly than you are living. 

So many people have asked this question or questions, including me at one time or another.  I can assure you the answer is different for everyone.  I believe in order to answer that question, it would be a matter of one’s perspective of existence.  Why and how did we as human come into existence?  There are many theories out there, but the only one that holds any significance is the one you believe.

If you believe you people were put on this earth for a divine purpose, great!  Then you have an idea to work with as to why you might exist.  However, if you believe by some mysterious reason man appeared on earth that is great too. Then I would say, you have a direction to explore and work with why you are here.  Both beliefs will lead you down a path where the answers would undoubtedly be different.

Now that you are here.  Now what?  If you were trying to answer that question with no real answer in sight.  It’s alright too.  I want to share with you what I believe will help you find a purpose when you believe no purpose for your life exists.  In my own opinion, your purpose is not going to land in your lap.  You can manufacture a purpose in your life through questions that you ask yourself.

This is a no judgment-free zone here, so you are free to write down whatever comes to mind.  Don’t hold anything back and definitely keep your feelings out of it for a few minutes. Alright!  Great! Let’s get started.


Questions to Ask yourself

  1. What do you want to be able to do in the next twelve months?
  2. How would being whatever, you want to be or do in twelve months, change your life?
  3. How would you feel?
  4. Would you want other people to notice? Why? What would that mean to you?
  5. Would you want other people to be proud of you?
  6. Would it matter what other people feel about your twelve-month accomplishment and why?

I believe you have to drill down in questioning yourself just like a kid would ask you why is the sky blue? Once you give them the reason, they would come back and ask you why?  You have to drill down to the core reason why something means so much to you and then ask “why?” again.

The process is up to you and only you. If you wanted to build muscle, you would have to exercise that particular muscle.  No one else can exercise for you to build your muscle.  You have to be the one to put in the work to reap the benefits.

More Questions to Ask Yourself


Here are more questions that are important and for some people critical to ask.

  1. What would you like to have in the next year, five years, and ten years? Why?
  2. Would you like to have a new home? Why?
  3. Would you like to have a vacation home? Why?
  4. Would you like to have a plane, yacht, or string of investments? Which investments, or what kind?

Expand your creativity and provide yourself with a purpose.  Would you like to be more involved in different causes?  If so, which ones speak to you the most?  Why?  Don’t forget for every question you ask yourself a question, you must ask yourself why and why is it important?

I know this is a great deal at first but it’s critical to ask yourself and prepare to alter the foundation for which you are to build a purposeful life with the capacity to grow and help others.


Two Critical Questions Everyone Should Ask Them Selves



  1. If money was not an object and you were able to pay all your bills with ease, what would you do with your time?
  2. If you had one month to live what would you do in that one month?


Like always, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading my post. My wish for you is to have a prosperous week that will benefit you and your family.


Transforming Garments

The other day I received some transfers I created online.  I was excited to see them and press a couple.   One of the things I like the most about pressing and selling shirts is to see other people happy to wear what was once an idea in your imagination, now realized through something tangible and real.

I am small time compared to everyone else but really enjoy creating something for others to wear.  I never knew this could be so enjoyable.  Most of all, being creative, with the capacity to choose what you do in a day that would have a positive impact on other people is a huge win and downright contagious. You get addicted to doing good for others, that if you are not careful can be a mission you find yourself deeply immersed in.

I Enjoy Messaging Shirt

When I first started pressing shirts a little over three years ago. It wasn’t to start a business, it was to be able to where a message on a shirt I wanted to wear.   Also, it was to create my own messages regarding my insurance business to production question which opened a dialog to a conversation about insurance.

What ensued later was people asking me to create a shirt for them.  So, in my spear time, I would create shirts for friends and people I met in passing.  I have since added a Cameo 3 machine that helps produce more products with vinyl.  Below is one of the women’s shirts I have created with my vinyl machine.

560 (6)

The below hooding is also created with my Cameo machine.  This is actually fun to create.

Mesquite Texas red and white

I would encourage anyone who has a great idea about anything to test the waters with all their social media outlets to see if there is any interest in your ideas.  You never know until you try.  Case in point; I created a simple shirt with no graphics that said focused.

I posted a picture of the shirt on facebook with the first week it produced the modest results below.  Nothing to write home to mother about.  But it provided gages that I could work with.  Would the colors matter?  Would the material work? I pursued this and was able to learn a great deal from all my interactions.  I would ask questions on what colors would work best or what color combinations would be a good seller.


The below shirt we changed the font and surprising sold more units with the color blue lettering which was derived through the facebook focused group of just asking people questions.

Focused 1

I am no guru or highly successful individual selling thousands of shirts daily.  But, what I and advise on and encourage you to try is that one thing you are interested in doing.  Perhaps you may have thought your idea may not work or no one will be interested in what you have to sell or service.  The only way you will be sure is to bring it to the market place and see if there is an interest in it.  If not, tweak the idea a little and reinsert it back into the market place to test.   In any event, don’t give up.

Still Moving Forward

Several years ago I embarked on a journey to start my own business from home.  I tried several things and have made money with some.  However, there were somethings that proved to entail more hype than profit.  I have been running my insurance business for four years now and it’s growing.  After I have buried my sister last month, I have this urge to do more, create more, and go above and beyond what I believe I can achieve.

My sister has passed at a young age with so much in life she never got to achieve.  That got me thinking, life is so precious to live in a complacent state procrastinating as if you have all the time in the world to and put your dreams on hold with the mindset “I’ll do it later attitude.”

It’s never too late to start dusting off those dormant dreams of yours.  The time is now!  I once read; “As a man thinketh in his heart, so his he.”  If you believe you cannot achieve your dreams, you can’t!  However, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, with the belief your best days are not behind you but has yet to come.  You are right.

I believe in moving forward more now than ever before. I want to find more fulfilling projects that assist people on a more rewarding level.  What about you?  What projects did you put on hold and on the proverbial shelf?  I am curious about your journey.  If you don’t want to post it here.  You can send an email at and I will be sure to engulf myself in the thoughts that you have taking the time to share with and white rise to the top


Rise 2 The Top Hoodie

Rise 2 The Top Hoodie is about rising above adversity in your life and keep on moving forward and becoming the best version of yourself while looking great with this wonderful hoodie.


How to Win Friends and Influence People (As a Blogger)

After reading this post, I believe in what the writer conveys and the message he brings to the world of blogging.

The Art of Blogging

First published more than 70 years ago, Dale Carnegie’s guide on people skills entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People” contains wisdom that is mostly true to this very day, because human nature, for better or worse, does not change much over time.

And even in this brave new world of the Internet and social media, we can still look to age-old truths in deciphering a code to grow an audience (win friends) and successfully engage readers via our blogs (influence people).

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Earn Money From Home

I have been a part of this business for about five years now.  The one thing I can take away from starting my own business is the incredible relationships that are forged while building a business from home.  It wasn’t alway easy and a lot of work goes into helping others grow their business.  But, what is so amazing about the journey, are all the lessons learned along the way.

The ultimate take away, is the freedom from working a nine to five job.  Below is a video I want to share with you.  What’s so Ironic is, someone asked me five years ago to watch a video online and, I have been thanking them ever since.  Be open to a new idea that can change your life forever.

Should you have and questions please reach out to me via text 214-518-9934.  Thanks for reading my post and check out my other blog

Stream Business Presentation with CSO Steve Fisher from Stream (Stream Energy) on Vimeo.

Amazing Video Shows How To Start A Home Busines For Free!

Before watching this Amazing video, I want to warn you and advise you to sit down because you are not going to believe your ears and eyes.  Before watching this video I want you to think, I mean really think what could you do with some extra money a month.

Why would you need to earn extra money?  What would it mean to you and all around you?

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Where Do I Begin

I was asked the other day by a complete stranger who some how arrives at a restaurant around the same time I arrive or may or already be sitting down enjoying their lunch. The question caught me a little off guard, they asked how can you be happy almost every time I see you?  My answered must have really confused them at first because the looked bewildered when I answered.  My answer was simple and only two words.  The person was completely taken back to the point as they were in total dis-belief at the answer I gave them.

Two powerful words, lead to another three powerful words.  Those words had this total stranger almost confused to the point where they said thanks and resumed eating the rest of the meal.  My answer to this complete stranger was simple.  The first two word to my answer were “I’m alive.”  The next three words were, “I AM GRATEFUL.”

Can you imagine waking every morning in a state of gratitude and giving thanks to your creator for allowing you to live another day?  It’s truly amazing!  Where do you begin?

The answer is simply, right where you are.  How?  By saying Thanks …….


Simple Beginnings

I remember when I first started my home business.  The excitement of the unknown and possibilities to grow.  But, never did I imagine the friendships I will build along the way or the laughter I would experiencing from so much fun.  It’s been one incredible ride that allowed me to forge solid relationships with value.   My business is by no means rags to riches because I am still growing.  One thing I will share here is, if you are thinking about starting a business from home due your due diligence and ACT.   Don’t be afraid to open the door to a new beginning.  A new chapter in your life being solely dependent on yourself for income.

The great thing about being self employed, is you get to choose how much you want to earn.  You give your self a raise when you want.  You set the ground rules to live by.  You ultimately have the opportunity to raise the bar by the quality of your determination, effort, work ethics, and ability to learn from your past mistakes as well as capitalizing on your strengths.

How successful you become all is determined by how successfully you believe you can be.

The amazing thing is, it’s all up to you.